Yes, the topic of video is this important.  Since the launch of Youtube, the development and consumption of video content has exponentially grown and to a fever pitch.  Everyone in the digital world knows how important it is.  Google knows it, Facebook knows it.  Why is it important?  The primary reason is that video gets consumed.  A lot.  And as such has become a boon to Google and Facebook’s ad revenue.  Google and Facebook value video so much that they have dedicated a lot of resources and analytics tools to its users to fully maximize their video’s impact.  Google also rewards websites that feature video content in their algorithms and will serve up that site that has video before a competitor’s site that lacks it.  Google wants to provide the best value to its user, and because video will get consumed before anything else, they hold it in high regard.

The draw back to video is it can be time consuming to produce, it takes a certain skill set, and to get high quality video content, a budget to boot.  We know that if a small business doesn’t understand the value of producing video content, then they certainly won’t find a way to justify the cost and time it takes to do.  That is the premise to this quick post.  Also, as we always contend, the reason we exist is because we know small businesses do not have the luxury of time.  But every small business should seriously consider getting in the game.  Here is a good reason why:

We have a restaurant client and provide digital marketing services for them.  When we provide them monthly marketing reports to highlight the activity and analytics of their digital assets, we hammer in the importance of them to have us create video content, or create it themselves; but, just like I explained above, there was push back, and doubt about video’s effectiveness in the face of all the evidence.

During the Christmas holiday, the restaurant folded their table napkins into Christmas trees.  Their patrons loved them and wanted to know how they were folded.  This prompted one of the restaurant managers to create a crude iphone video demonstrating how.  They took it upon themselves to fulfill a basic marketing objective.  They realized a need, then went about satisfying it, and told people about it.  They asked me to post the video to their social media outlets, and I did it enthusiastically.  What happened next?  It blew up!

The video post received more reaction, and engagement than the restaurant typically experiences in a typical month.  The reaction was enthusiastic, lent to more website visits, new Facebook fans, Instagram followers, and of course, when you see increased activity in those places, more business and higher revenue.

I highly urge you dive into the world of video content for your small business.  I know it may be daunting to think about, and you may be uncertain where to start, but that is why we are here.  Feel free to reach out to get some tips, or utilize our expertise in your marketing efforts.

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